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César Meléndez was born in Panama and is Panama's first professional rock climber. During his fourteen years of competitive climbing, painting was always the perfect way to relax from the rigors of the sport. In 2017, he retired as a professional athlete, but he continues to paint and is inspired by the places and adventures he lived while traveling around the world. He loves painting because it is a journey into memories and imagination.

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Titles Illustrated
ver libro
The Migratory Mallard
el azulón migratorio
ver libro
El Quetzal Negro
The Black Quetzal
ver libro
Rosita's Rescue
El rescate de Rosita

the Barnyard Alarm Clock
el despertador del corral

The Adventures of Willy and George
Las aventuras de Willy y George

Rebecca Writes a Letter
Rebecca escribe una carta

Street Dog
Candela Calle
A Lump of Clay
A Lucky Dog
Un perro afortunado

Sammy Decides
Sammy Decide

Off the Shelf
Eight Stories
Del estante
Ocho cuentos

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