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Multilingual Books for boys and girls of all ages.

Piggy Press, S.A., with its motto WE LOVE TO READ!, opened its doors to publishing multilingual children's books in July, 2001, in celebration of Panama's First International Book Fair, an event which marked a positive change in this tiny cosmopolitan republic.

Our mission is to provide multilingual and multicultural books for children and youth at affordable prices to help them learn about and appreciate the world around them through reading.

To date, Piggy Press has published books and audio stories in the following languages: Spanish, English, Mandarin, French, Kuna., Swedish and soon in Russian and Portuguese!

Feel free to browse our varied collection in our stybrary or visit us on Facebook!

- The Piggy Press Stybrarian

Casita de Mausi

Piggy Press Books donates 10% of all sales to Casita de Mausi, a temporary hostal for cancer patients from rural areas of Panama.

Piggy Press Books dona el 10% de todas las ventas a la Casita de Mausi, un albergue temporal para los pacientes del cáncer de áreas rurales de Panamá.

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