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Rolando Rangel

Rolando Rangel was born in Panama in 1945. He completed his studies in medicine in Brazil in 1969. When he was eleven years old, his father gave him a book by Emilio Salgari, and from there arose his passion for writing. From that moment, he avidly read everything that author had written and after that, any book that fell into his hands. He competed literarily during his years in secondary, winning an intercollegiate prize in 1963.
During the last few years, he has written for the daily newspaper La Prensa where many of his social and political articles have been published, widely accepted by the public.
Presently he works in the area of Public Health dedicating part of his free time in order to express his ideas and feelings.


Las aventuras de Gato-gato
The Adventures of Gato-gato


Las aventuras de Gato-gato
The Adventures of Gato-gato

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