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Ralph Dessau was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1928, and grew up during World War II. In 1953, he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Copenhagen and received a Fulbright Fellowship, which enabled him to spend a year at Stanford University and another year at the California Institute of Technology.

Upon his return to Denmark in 1955, he married Carmen, his wife of more than 58 years, and started his career in the International Petroleum Industry, which lasted for 30 years and led to assignments in Holland, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and Venezuela. While there, he also found the time to produce a book, The Hummingbirds of Caracas and a movie, In Defense of the Sea. In 1980, as a U.S. citizen, he moved to Houston, Texas, and founded his consulting firm, Process Energy Services. During that time he began a partnership with a friend, George Mallard, and together they created PC TRANSLATOR, the first automatic language translation program for the IBM PC, which eventually translated nine European languages to and from English. However, though it won recognition two years in a row from Word Perfect as the best product of its kind, it never became very profitable and the partnership was dissolved. Meanwhile, Ralph continued his consulting while dedicating his spare time to his favorite hobby of photographing hummingbirds.

In 2005, Ralph moved to Boquete in Panama, where he has now produced his second book, Joyas voladoras * Flying Jewels about the hummingbirds of Panama, and takes an active part in several community projects, which he plans to continue doing as long as his health permits.  

Visit his website http://www.ralphinpanama.com/


Joyas voladoras
Flying Jewels

Rubilito, el colibrí viajero
Rubilito, the Traveling Hummingbird

La mariposa migratoria
The Migratory Butterfly

The Fruit Bat
La murciélaga frugívora


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