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Little Pat is the runt of the litter, and she is always hungry. When Farmer Fred calls the pigs to dinner, there is never any room at the trough. So she must learn to think for herself and find a way to eat. How fast can a hungry little pig run? Race to the trough with Little Pat to find out. Learn to speak Pig Latin! Includes a simple guide inside! This little story encourages children to use their imagination and to be self-reliant. 

Note: The English * Spanish bilingual version is entitled Think BIG! * ¡Piensa en GRANDE!

Nota: La versión bilingüe inglés * español se titula Think BIG! * ¡Piensa en GRANDE!

First and Fast! * Irstfay andway Astfay! (PIG LATIN)

SKU: ISBN 9789962690795
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