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Book 1 in Dr. Mutt’s Canine Advice Trilogy. Dr. Mutt, a canine therapist and one of the most extraordinary minds in the canine world, is semi-retired from chasing garbage trucks and spends his time answering letters from disgruntled canines, a few felines and even humans who seek his advice. In his letters, Dr. Mutt's wisdom is universal and humorous. No bones about it, read Dr. Mutt’s advice, and you will be rewarded with a canine cheerfulness that will carry over into your daily life. So, grab a copy and allow Dr. Mutt's universal wisdom to bring a wag to your tail and a smile to your face. Let his canine cheerfulness guide you through the ups and downs of life, reminding you to find joy in the simple pleasures and embrace your inner pup.

It's a Dog's Life

SKU: ISBN 9789962629061
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